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Diamonds or Brilliants?

Por: Carla Amorim

If you love them, now you will understand how to identify each one and make the right choice

The world of jewelers would surely not be the same without brilliants and diamonds.  But do you know what the difference is between them? Although these two words are used interchangeably in Brazil, they mean very different things.

Diamond is the name of the stone made of a chemical element that is anything but glamorous: carbon. Originally called ‘Adamas’ (Greek for unbreakable), its intense brilliance comes from the depths of the earth, where it was crystallized billions of years ago.

Brilliant is a style of diamond cutting developed by Venetian jeweler Peruzzi in the late XVII century, usually a round cut with 57 or 58 facets. In other words, various kinds of stones are also called brilliants because they have the same shape and an intense brilliance. So a diamond can be a brilliant, but not every brilliant is a diamond!

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