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Cocktail rings, the enigmatic rings with just one stone

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This large iconic ring from the 1920s has the power to fill any stylish look!

Large rings with just one maxi-stone have always been associated with high style and glamour. Timeless, the famous ‘cocktail ring’ became fashionable in the 1940s and 1950s. It was used a lot by film stars and today is one of the hottest trends for the latest season. Dior and Lanvin are two brands that are featuring the accessory significantly, making their looks even more elegant and charming. But do you know how they got their name? It came about during Prohibition in the United States, more precisely in the parties of the Roaring 1920s, when alcohol was illegal and people began to organize cocktail parties at their homes. With exaggerated stones, one single ring was the protagonist of the look, along with the iconic loose and fringed flapper dresses that shook to the sound of jazz. The goal? Highlight the drink. Yes, dry martinis, among other clandestine drinks that women were holding, while flashing a giant valuable jewel on their hand. “Women would move their hands to draw attention to the bauble, in order to show everyone that not only was she drinking illegally, but she was doing it in style,” says Nina Garcia in her book The One Hundred. Today, fashion allows for more. Mix several or use one on your pointer finger. With it, you can exaggerate while staying elegant!

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